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New! All about our soil analysis tool

Why analyze your soil?

  • Secure your investment
  • Anticipate crop diseases
  • Optimizing cultivation areas
  • Optimizing the cost of inputs
  • Improve productivity and agricultural yield

What is the kit made of

  • 1-A box
  • 2- Two sensors
  • 3- A power source (Power Bank )
  • 4 -An installed mobile application available on playstore
  • 5 - A wooden storage box

How does it work ?

  • Soil data collection
  • Sends via Bluetooth to the ClinicAgro application
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Availability of results in 60 seconds in your smartphone

How do I get it?

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Tel: +237696960054

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2019 MED'INNOVANT AFRICA favorite award

1st prize ANTIC 2019

1st prize POESAM 2019

1st prize Cultivate digital, Hackathon SGC in Morocco

1st prize category hope agriculture Startup summit 19 in Paris

Unique Features

Degree of acidity

The crops you plant will have a more harmonious development if they are installed in a soil whose acidity rate corresponds to their needs.

Rate N-P-K

Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) play an important role in plant growth.

NPK nutrient fertility index

The index of each element allows you to know if your soil is rich or poor.

Favorable crops

This information allows you to know which crops are favorable for your soil.

What our users think

“I have better control over the dosage of my fertilizers with ClinicSol. ”

Maneng eric

“My production cost has decreased thanks to ClinicAgro.”

Obam Luc

“I produced the Watermelon culture without Fertilizer. Thank ClinicAgro.”

Siewe jean

“Thanks to clinicAgro, I was able to avoid a loss. Thank you ”

Kaoukou luc

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